dear cara from seven years ago…

September 22, 2010

College years are awesome…don’t stress about finding the perfect place- it will all work out (but consider visiting a few places and not leaving everything up to fate…its okay to help fate out a bit).

Invest in a mac…not a pc. you always liked the bright colors on mac’s anyways…go with your gut.

Also, invest some *ahem most* of your stocks in Apple.

Stop straightening and dying your hair. Embrace the curls…they totally rock and realize how sweet your brown hair is (also…maybe use some bumble and bumble hair creme…you won’t regret it!)

Stay up late.

Live up those summer nights with your friends- softball can wait…it will be there waiting the next morning.

Don’t worry about not having a boyfriend…single is gooood.

Ask for a digital camera for christmas….you don’t know it now, but it is going to be mighty hard to keep track of all those disposable cameras freshman year at college.

Back up your files.


Then, back them up again.

That seven am Applied Calculus class may seem like a good idea now, but I would reconsider.

Also, reconsider those Friday classes…three day weekends rock.

Don’t give up when that Applied Calc class kicks your butt…your actually really good at it, you just need to move that time to later 🙂

Read more. Paint more. Draw more. You love it.

Take that pottery class. And that ballet class. And that modern class.

Go seek out the drummers that hang out at Rittenhouse Square on Sundays…there will be some hula hoopers there too. Talk to them. A love affair will be born. I promise.

Be brave and stand up for what you believe in.

Don’t worry about what other people think about you…you will find your niche.

Above all- don’t regret anything. Seven years from now you will be happier than you ever thought possible. Its all going to work out 🙂


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