Ode to Summer

August 31, 2010

Summer where have you gone? It seems like just yesterday I was looking ahead, dreaming of basking in your warm embrace and now I find myself looking back, reminisicing over our time spent together.

I hope you don’t feel cheated, dear summer.

I consent that my attention was taken away from you slightly by the union of myself and my respective Drew. But rest assured, dearest season, that while you may have felt the slightest twinge of jealousy at the emphasis placed on our special day, its timing was picked to occur at the peak of your glory-in all its warmth and light! 

I also admit that I did flee away from you a bit-escaping away to the opposite coast to spend two blissful weeks in the refreshing coolness that Washington State and Canada’s nothern island had to offer. But again, I beg you to remember the weekend in which I chose to go south, whirling and twirling with my homemade piece of PVC swirling around me-fully living it up for three days in your 105 degree heat. That is love, dear summer, true love and I honor the gifts returned to me of campfires, smores, group drums and dance, and collective insight!

I honored you by spending one solid week digging my toes into the sand and sweating it up under your bright rays-my skin still retains its darkness! And while I did not dip myself into ocean water once (scared away by its icy coolness) or swim within refreshing clorinated waters but once this season, I swam in rivers and lakes often enough that I hope it more than makes up for it in your eyes!

I dipped my nose into so many pollen filled beauties the past three months that I feel a bit of a heady haze. Its so lovely, summer, that I can begin to excuse the faucet which my nose has turned into. Ahh, the memories of those lillies….:)

Dear summer, we’ve had a good one. And while I know that your official end is not until September 21, I thought today would be a good day to say goodbye. There is no day, like today, eh? And so, sweet summer, I bid you and your swarthy temperatures adeiu today, and embrace the coming coolness which I hope tomorrow brings!


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