50 things that make me glad

June 1, 2010

1. laughing so hard I can’t breathe and I start to cry

2. taking a hot shower

3. stepping out of said hot shower on a cold morning and wrapping up in a warm bathrobe

4. rainbows

5. hoops and hooping

6. the smell of autumn

7. autumnal activities (i.e., carving pumpkins, picking out pumpkins, jumping in piles of leaves, corn mazes, apple cider, etc.)

8. falling in love

9. having that love returned

10. opening the door to my house and immediately hearing my dog bounding through the house to excitedly greet me

11. yoga

12. meditation

13. listening to birds sing

14. swimming in streams

15. dancing

16. spinning, and spinning, and spinning

17. smiling at a stranger and having them smile back

18. holding the door open for someone and seeing a look of happy surprise

19. christmas

20. christmas tree

21. hot chocolate

22. singing

23. camp fires

24. swinging on swings

25. flying a kite

26. listening to good music with good friends

27. listening to said good music with said good friends on a road trip

28. doing pretty much anything outside

29. while outside, doing pretty much anything on or in water

30. when all the helicopters/dandelion seeds/flower petals fall from the trees and i walk through them in an enchanted moment

31. holding and petting animals

32. hugging (those known to me or strangers)

33. cuddling

34. eating a good piece of squash

35. untying a knot

36. playing games (board games mostly)

37. baking for other people

38. drumming in a drum circle

39. seeing new places

40. meeting new people

41. reconnecting with old friends

42. doing something i never thought i could do

43. bright colors and flowy skirts

44. barefeet

45. flower crowns

46. chai tea

47. indian food

48. nag champa

49. cookiedough my adopted hamster

50. reading

51. realizing that this list could go on and on and on…:)


One Response to “50 things that make me glad”

  1. stocktoc Says:

    Love this! 🙂

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